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MV Switchgear Solutions
Designed to meet customer requirements, SIMOPRIME provides reliable solutions for all MV applications with user safety on top list.
SIMOPRIME A4 is tested to IEC 62271-200 with compartmented design preventing the risk of contact to live parts during maintenance and operations. Backed up by the verified testing for the resistance against internal arc flash events. SIMOPRIME A4 provides wide range of available ratings up to 24KV up to 2500A rated current and 25KA short circuit level.

Saves Lives
All switching operations including emergency manual operations with high voltage door closed
Interlocking between high voltage door and switching devices
Rack in / Rack out operations of the circuit breaker with high voltage door closed
Metallic earthed shutters and partitions, partition class: PM (Metallic Partition)
Internal arc tested up to 25KA – 1 s according to IEC 62271-200 & VDE 0671-200
Use of vacuum circuit breakers

Peace of Mind
Factory assembled type tested switchgear according to IEC 62271-200
Type testing of the circuit breaker inside the panel
Using of standard available worldwide components
Use of maintenance free vacuum circuit breakers
More than 300,000 MV switchgears from SEIMENS in operation worldwide

Increase Productivity
Use of metallic earthed shutters and partitions between compartments ensures the highest level of service continuity for the switchgear during maintenance (LSC2B according to IEC 62271-200)
Use of maintenance free vacuum circuit breakers

Saves Money
Use of maintenance free vacuum circuit breakers

Type Tests
IEC Standard VDE Standard EN Standard
Switchgear SIMOPRIME IEC 62271-1 VDE 0671-1 EN 62271-1
IEC 62271-200 VDE 0671-200 EN 62271-200
Devices Circuit-breaker IEC 62271-100 VDE 0671-100 EN 62271-100
Vacuum contactor IEC 60470 VDE 0670-501 EN 60470
Disconnector and earthing switch IEC 62271-102 VDE 0671-102 EN 62271-102
HV HRC fuses IEC 60282 VDE 0670-4 EN 60282
Voltage detecting systems IEC 61243-5 VDE 0682-415 EN 61243-5
Degree of protection IEC 60529 VDE 0470-1 EN 60529
Insulation IEC 60071 VDE 0111 EN 60071
Current transformer IEC 60044-1 VDE 0414-1 EN 60044-1
Voltage transformer IEC 60044-2 VDE 0414-2 EN 60044-2
Installation IEC 61936-1 VDE 0101


  • up to 24 kV
  • up to 25 kA, 3 Sec.
  • up to 2500 A
  • Type-tested, LSC2B-PM, IAC switchgear as per IEC 62271-200
  • Maintenance free Vacuum circuit-breaker withdrawable on truck