Electro George has, over almost 30 years, gained the experience necessary to assure continuous growth, while maintaining an excellent local high technology background in diversified market segments, enabling us to maintain our lead.

Electro George was established in 1986 with a 14,000 Sqm manufacturing plant in Abu Rawash industrial zone with the latest technical capabilities.
Licensed from AEG – Germany as the sole licensed partner for LV & MV manufacturing in Egypt in 1988. LV migrated to GE in the mid 90’s and license extended accordingly.
In the year 2000, a new license contract was signed with GE to be the only LV licensed partner for GE in Egypt. In November 2011 an agreement was reached with SIEMENS, for the manufacturing of their fully type tested MV range up to 24KV.

Our commitment to always ensure the reliability and performance of our products through the integration of technical support, production of customized products to meet customer requirements, and continuous quality assurance exemplified by ISO certification since 1996, has lead to the award of license agreements from various international companies such as AEG Germany, ALSTOM, AREVA, GE and SIEMENS.

Electro George’s multinational approach, wide experience, and adherence to our motto “Power of Experience” proved to be the cornerstone that placed our company at the top of a varied list of competitors. We always succeed in maintaining and extending our local and international market share among the competition.

The newest trophy in our journey of mutual cooperation with international brands is being chosen by SIEMENS quality auditors as one of the best licensed partners over the world. In addition Electro George is the largest account holder for GE in Egypt, the 3rd in the Middle East and the 7th over the globe.

Looking forward we aim to maintain our excellent striving culture through

  • Integrating the knowledge of our international partners in our products.
  • Strengthening our technical abilities to provide cost effective solutions.
  • Offering a complete range of high quality products to meet customer demands

Electro George: Your local expert boasting international standards.